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We Have The Works When It Comes To The Wood! 

The Woodworks offers numerous custom services to meet your needs.  We offer the opportunity of turning your lumber into a custom floor at an affordable price!  We also offer planning and straight lining any type of species you may have.  We take pride in our manufacturing abilities and offer guaranteed satisfaction for all of our services.

Our hardwood flooring is manufactured with the ideal of no effort installation, so that you can save money by installing your self! However, for those that can not find the time nor opportunity, or may not want to hassle with the installation project, we do offer installation services by licensed and insured professional installers. 

Martter Installation services include, but are not limited to, laying the hardwood, sanding, and finishing.  Our installers are experienced and skilled in this field to save you, the customer, time and money.  They work closely with you to ensure that you get exactly the look you desire.  Their skill goes beyond the basic installation and expand into patterns and borders.  By adding patterns or borders to your floor, you are simply setting your home apart from all others.  We believe people should take pride in their home and have any and all opportunity to achieve the exact look that is desired.

We also offer the service of Timber Management.  Taking care of your timber is very important to the future.  By selectively harvesting timber, you can guarantee timber growth and sustainability.  It is important to properly maintain forest lands.  Call to speak to our Master Loggers, Dyllan or Daniel.  They will visit your land and give you recommendations to maximize your opportunities.
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